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Supergirl Ambitions. With a cape for aid.

October 11, 2015
70s style bohemian cape white creme linen gladiator sandals layering summer monochrome fashion women girls hippy

Long hair black hair dark lips berry lips

When I was younger, being a dreamer wasn’t as cool as it is now. Not many middle class borns in India were shunning the tried-and-tested for their hearts’ calling. Where your entire life was laid down before you in a map more black & white than Raj Kapoor movies, even as you were learning how to spell career, dreaming was a nuisance of a habit.

It was tough though, to always be disciplined in a world of Enid Blyton books and a mind whose existence is virtual and reach, limitless. Then came the days of self-doubt when all your peers were darting ahead in the race of conforming to socially accepted standards of success, while you were left behind nursing a heart and a soul, and a head even, that just couldn’t seem to do as they were told. Winning is a habit, said Vince Lombardi. Unfortunately so is losing. Said the same person. I knew I was cultivating a habit somewhere deep inside my guts, one that had its own mind, worked its own way, and never cared for what the world had to say. But whether that led to winning or losing was one I had to find out later. Was I then, supposed to allow it to flourish or nip it right in the bud? They say it is at this very moment of dilemma that one learns to believe in oneself.

Long hair black hair dark lips berry lips

Long hair black hair dark lips berry lips

It is the present day and I’m far from being sure of whether I am on the winning side or the losing. But the conflict no longer exists. It also helps that the present times are a much warmer climate for dreams to breed, irrespective of whether or not they are in concordance with anything or anyone that is not me. Me is a big word now. It doesn’t have to hide behind We. It doesn’t have to bother if it’ll look silly if it fails. Because the only thing I remind me of is that I know I will lose only if I never did what I wanted to. My dreams can never be defined from the perspective of my parents, my teachers or my friends. There is only one unique perspective for every single person to live his life with that cannot be tampered with.

People try though. And the biggest threat to the existence of Me is You. Your self-doubt and your lack of belief.  Life is tough. It was meant to be. Ask the first ever humans who stepped into a world untamed and so devoid of all the resources and opportunities that we wish they saw now.

Long hair black hair dark lips berry lips

70s style bohemian cape white creme linen gladiator sandals layering summer monochrome fashion women girls hippy

70s style bohemian cape white creme linen gladiator sandals layering summer monochrome fashion women girls hippy

Between the dreamer and the achiever stands the fighter. Don’t give up just yet. Keep the cape close.

Long hair black hair dark lips berry lips

Tinsel Town

Decoding: The Style Siren that is Kangana Ranaut

September 22, 2015
Kangana Ranaut fashion style statement

So Katti Batti bombed. And from what I hear, for the right reasons. It’s a small hiccup though. Kangana Ranaut has rightfully assumed the queen’s throne in Bollywood after what seems like ages since year 2006 when her 18 year old self first hit the silver screen and set it on fire. Having consistently proved her acting mettle with every passing film, more of her is always less.

Now there’s one more thing about her that has been driving the country nuts. Her eclectic fashion sense of course! She just doesn’t seem to ever get it wrong and the likes of Sonam Kapoor, for once, set their at-war-in-the-industry histrionics aside to admit their fondness. However, the picture was not always this rosy. The impeccably dressed Payal (watch the Katti Batti trailer NOW!) has had a bumpy fashion ride. Coming up, the actor’s sartorial journey:

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut fashion style statement

Kangana from a time we do not want to remember

If you could really believe these are not Kangana’s face photoshopped over others’ bodies! She really did wear these hideous clothes ‘once upon a time’. Infact the last one in yellow was at the first look of a movie titled ‘Fashion’. Talk about contradictions.

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut fashion style statement

Nevertheless, there were a few things that Kangana has always been, apart from being a talented actor. She was always pretty, feisty, had a great body, and above all, she was always willing to experiment. As made evident from these pictures, unless the clothes were totally tacky, like the ones above, she always cut a pretty picture.

Speaking of experimenting, this is the very factor that drives her style. She mixes things up and changes it every now and then. Sure the risks do not always pay off, but at least there’s never a dull moment with her around. And if you see the graph now, her success rate has been much higher. Here are some of the turnaround looks that made people start contemplating that she might be one of the best dressed in the country after all:

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut fashion style statement best dressed

The best looks, though, appeared during and post Queen. Maybe the fact that she was not just another pretty face, but could actually really act, added to the endearment people were feeling towards her, and everything just started falling into place. One great look followed another and eventually anything she picked became all the rage.

Here’s decoding the nuances of her fail-safe style:


Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut fashion style statement best dressed

One of the key factors, and one that I can brag about having in common with her. She never overdresses or over-accessorizes, therefore always letting her personality shine through.


Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut fashion style statement best dressed

As mentioned earlier, there’s never a dull moment with her. She’s most certain to bring to the table a whimsical pairing that no one else has thought of before.


Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut fashion style statement best dressed

No matter what she wears and on what occasion, it all looks very effortless. Even the most thought-about-by-top-stylists, put-together-for-hours looks seem breezy, all thanks to her easy charm and natural grace.


She role plays. Kinda.

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut fashion style statement best dressed

She’s a true fashion chameleon. The way she can carry a glamazon look one day, and a totally laid-back one the other, retro today, and quirky tomorrow. Changing it up takes a whole new meaning when it comes to Kangana.


Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut fashion style statement best dressed

Yes, with an exclamation mark! This is the new cool of the current crop of Bollywood actors, and Kangana, in particular, who are not under pressure to wear something new every time they are snapped. Repeating clothes (and accessories), especially when they are as expensive as theirs, is not to be ashamed of.

And at this point it gets simply frustrating: Who else looks THIS good while travelling?

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut fashion style statement best dressed

And that journey’s only just begun. She’s famously fashionable now and here’s hoping she stays just that in more years to come.



September 14, 2015
Flared jeans 70s style

Flared jeans 70s style

Iconic moment: Jane Birkin with Serge Gainsbourg in her 70s breezy all white style

I’ve never required a reason to wear whites. I’m naturally drawn to neutrals and I’ve always been someone who has to be reminded of adding colors to my wardrobe. Obviously, I feel less guilty now that white comes back as the big trend this season. Not that it went anywhere. But it’s always an interesting thing for a classic to be interpreted as a trend.

White has always been associated with summer and resortwear, but this year, it has been favored right from the Fall. What’s more important, it has made a much stronger appearance on the runway, instead of being just a feature, with head-to-toe-white being endorsed by most of the designers. Here’s how you can work this trend:


To keep this trend strong and crisp, use just one more color. Black and White is a no-brainer, but the pair that is hot at the moment is Blue and White, with Gray and White coming a close second. For a subtle spiffed-up approach, pair white with pastels or with neutrals like beige, camel or tan. Metallics add glam to the most basics of looks.

Women's fashion summer girls dress clothes

(left to right) Chloe, Emporio Armani, BCBG Max Azria, and McQ presented a fresh take on color blocking for their Spring Summer collections


Almost every red carpet event this year, from the Met Gala to the Amfar Gala, saw a whole lot of celebs favor white for their glam appearances. A dressed-up white ensemble is elegance reiterated.

Emma Stone white gown Cannes film festival

Emma Stone goes princess chic in her delicate Dior gown at the Cannes Film festival this year


Seriously, layering in summer does not work in any other color as well as white, the only color that doesn’t make layering look as heavy. Infact, all those dramatic capes that featured on the runway testify to this.

Women's fashion trends clothes dresses

(left to right) Amanda Wakely, Roberto Cavalli and Zuhair Muraid Couture Spring Summer 2015 were about a lot of white-on-white layering


The biggest trend to hit the world this season! Don’t take white for just a prim color. It works just as well combined with crochet, lace or quirky prints to create that perfect ‘this moment’ Boho look.

Women's fashion trends clothes dresses

(left) Erdem, Manish Arora and Valentino favor white for their Boho-inspired Spring Summer collection

To Work Or to Play

White has always been considered a color of great maintenance, yet there’s no shying away from wearing so both to work as well as to casual outings.

Designers have created white work wear aplenty, with sharp tailored suits on everyone’s must-have lists. If suits feel far too serious for you, opt for sheaths and midis in clean cuts, or just add a crisp white coat to your outfit. And need I say that white is the HG color when it comes to sporty chic?

Women's fashion trends clothes dresses suits

Take your pick in all-white workwear from (left) pantsuits (Alice+Olivia) or  a crisp knee-grazing dress (Hugo Boss) this season

Women's fashion trends clothes dresses suits jeans jumpsuits overalls

Marry sporty with utility with (left) these Akris overalls or take a cue from It girl Alexa Chung’s street style with white denims and a simple white tee

If workwear sees it’s white-garment population on the rise, casual wear is never far behind. Jumpsuits, dresses, separates…you name it, they have it. All in white. Man up in androgynous trouser separates, or go sporty in skater dresses.

With designers choosing it as their go-to color this season for both ready-to-wear and couture, be prepared to be white-washed in the color of the season, all in style.


Royal Blue

May 16, 2015

Soha Ali Khan hair smile

Let me begin this post with an apology for the exceedingly cheesy title. Nonetheless, this post is about a royal guest. It happened a while ago when I attended an invitation to meet and greet the then Soha Ali Khan Pataudi, and the now Soha Ali Khan Pataudi Khemu. Wait, maybe she still calls herself Soha Ali Khan Pataudi. This just goes on to say that it happened a real while ago. Or let’s just say ages ago. And this article has been sitting in my archives since then. So speaking of apologies.

The increasingly popular handloom saree brand Coloroso had hosted this event when Soha was in Kolkata to promote a movie. She seemed clearly smitten by the assortment of handloom weaves and was even kind enough to mention that the saree I wore was gorgeous, inquiring if she could buy something like that. On that note, here’s what I wore to the event:

Sari DSC_9019

This saree is one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe. It’s an effective combination of traditional handloom fabric and fun prints and colors. The fabric is a very soft and comfortable ‘Matka’ silk. This kind is a tad different from what we traditionally perceive as “silk”. Although pure silk, it’s not very glossy and has a tweed-like texture. That’s because these are woven using the shorter and thicker yarns from the cocoons of the mulberry silkworms on the weft, along with the usual silk yarn on the warp, a process done entirely by the hand. But it’s because of this part-smooth, part-coarse texture that the fabric has a beautiful fall which flatters all body types, and is extremely comfortable to wear in the humid summers of our country.

High heel sandals


While I love wearing flat sandals with sarees, I must admit high heeled ones take the statuesque aspect up many notches. Hence my trusty black suede peeptoes. The vintage oversize pure leather and fur clutch is something I grab when I want to feel classy.

You guys know by now that my style is pretty minimalistic and I hate piling on unnecessary (note, unnecessary is the keyword here) accessories. Maybe I was trying to seek inspiration from senior Ms Pataudi or maybe I’m just hopelessly in love with everything vintage, the 60s look was what I went for, in terms of makeup. And with the exaggerated winged eyeliner and defined eyebrows, too many baubles would really be too many.

Here are some 60s era photo filters proving this really worked. *Winks*

Indian vintage retro makeup

Indian vintage retro makeup

Vintage woman


And just so you don’t miss Soha Ali Khan Pataudi (Let’s just leave “Khemu” out until we have our facts right, shall we?) in this ‘Royal’ post, some more of her pictures below:

Soha Ali Khan Pataudi saree sari

Soha Ali Khan Pataudi saree sari

And that’s the pretty Nawab-Nandini lost in the delightful jungle of beautiful sarees. Spot me in the background looking all bored and tired and unimpressed. Boy do I hate losing the spotlight!

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A Short Affair

May 3, 2015

Young girls fashion

You know those oddly in-between-the-lines events where you can neither dress up too formal nor too casual? Where formal or casual, both spell extreme? What do you do then?

Wear semi-formals.


So this post is about the much obvious semi formal pairing, the Shorts Suit. Perfect for summers, ideal for those above-mentioned tricky events, and great for showing off those pins. And it’s a trend workable for both men and women.

Here’s my rendition:

Womens fashion

Women's semi formal look

Girl long legs

The one that I’m wearing is not, strictly speaking, a suit. It’s rather a pair of formal shorts, printed tunic and a blazer all paired together, for a suit-like silhouette. Since it’s an all-black ensemble, adding one printed piece breaks the monotony.

Dos and Don’ts

  • Try to stick to a monochrome color scheme. Refrain from wearing too many colors to avoid looking too twee.
  • Since you’ve traded in your sophisticated full length trousers for a shorter (and hotter) option, it’s imperative to keep the rest of the look polished. A formal hair-do, structured bag and fuss free shoes should work.
  • You don’t necessarily have to wear heels, especially if you’re not fond of them. Leather brogues work equally well here. I’d advocate for pointy suede pumps of course.
  • The brown carry-all bag featured here can easily be replaced with an oversize clutch, but make sure it is sleek and discreet-looking.
  • For the hair, an updo is a no-brainer. Choose from a romantic side bun, or a smooth topknot.

Keep the accessories to a minimum with just a few sleek pieces of jewelry and your favorite shade of red lipstick for a pop of color and you’re good to go.

Side bun updo women's hairstyles

Women's makeup red lips

Black dress red lips

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The Fall Spring Summer Transitional Look

March 18, 2015

Spiked bracelets wristlets Forever 21

The other day I found a tweet. It said, “Dear March, please make up your mind. I look funny in shorts and sweater” or something like that. And I couldn’t agree more. Although winter has taken it’s leave, the chill in the air still lingers. Making it oh-so-difficult to decide on a seasonal wardrobe.

But that is a confusion that stays every time there is a transition in seasons. Doesn’t it feel funny wearing heavy-knit everythings on winter and then suddenly slipping into tiniest tiny summer dresses? Or maybe, it’s just me.

So to this problem, I’ve discovered something I’ve endearingly named Seasonal-Transitional Clothing. So as to make the transition of my wardrobe from one season to another smoother and less conspicuous to the eye. In other words, something that sort of belongs a little to both the retiring and the approaching seasons.

Case in point: The Fall-through-Spring-to-Summer Transitional Wear

Girl in super short mini dress long legs

Girl in super short mini dress long legs

Think summer and chances are you immediately think white. Pair with it a summer silhouette like a super-short shirt dress, and you’re left yearning for a beach vacation. Not me though. I can’t even dream of a vacation right now with all the work at hand. Sigh. Adulthood…

So I chose to add a little polished twist to the all-summer dress, which in fact makes it transitional. The light-weight structured jacket is great to ward off the occasional chilly wind, while making your summer appearance less obvious.

Coming to the shoes, nothing does a beachy shirt dress more justice than sky high heels. Choose a pair in a complementing color, and do a quick jig to Katy Perry’s California Girls. Okay, that bit is optional.

I’m carrying a taupe messenger bag here but an oversize envelope clutch works just as well. One can also experiment with lots of color schemes on a blank canvas as this shirt dress. Experimentation works with other accessories and jewellery too. Like I add stacks of bracelets and charms on my wrist, which adds more fun to the look.

Girl catwalk

I’m pretty minimalistic when it comes to dressing up and makeup, so I’ve kept my makeup natural and also haven’t added too many accessories. However, this look can be further amped up with more color on the face and some loose, bouncy curls at the ends of the hair. Or you could go all bronzed up like a beach goddess, depending on where and when you’re wearing this look.

Girl in super short mini dress long legs

Girl in super short mini dress long legs


And there you have it…how to transition your style from one season to another. When the sun gets brighter, ditch the jacket and go all out with all that screams summer for you. Till then, keep the jackets and the scarves close 🙂